From Baryshnikov to Broadway we’ve worked with the best.    

Dance Arts Cherry Hill is unique –the only school of it’s kind in the tri-state area directed by former professional dancers of two of the world’s leading dance companies, the New York City Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet. 

Learn how to dance. Recital optional.

Start off on the right foot.

No matter a dance students age or aspirations, learning correct technique and developing necessary strengths is essential to insuring a rewarding dance experience -now and into the future.

From the first class of the year to the last, students focus on learning the hows of dance, not simply the steps necessary to a recital performance. With a yearlong focus on proper technique and strength building, recital practice is reserved for 2nd half of the school year and participation is optional.

Whether you just want to enjoy the fun and excitement of an occasional class, move up to the next level, or want your skills to propel you into college or a professional career, our classes provide the foundation you need to succeed.

Expert instruction that won’t break the bank.

We all know life with kids is expensive. Sports, uniforms, equipment, instruments, music lessons, tutoring all ad up and can easily stress a family’s budget.

From the tiny tot taking 1 class a week to the advanced dancer taking 8 classes a week or more, Dance Arts Cherry Hill offers competitively priced classes designed to help fit any budget. 

With discounted class rates that dramatically decrease the cost of classes for students taking multiple classes per week, our Unlimited class option can save the advanced dancer thousands of dollars a year in tuition and fees over the competition.

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Find your perfect class.

Blending joy and expertise, our classes set the stage for an unforgettable dance experience for ages 2 up.

Beginning students 3-4 years of age learn the essentials of a proper foundation in dance. Grace, coordination, stretching, correct posture and essential discipline are all rolled up into  Tiny Tots, a 45 minute class that also allows them to be butterflies when they need to be.

At age 4 students may choose to enroll in hour long Pre Ballet classes or Tap/Ballet or Jazz/Ballet Combo classes that offer them a chance to discover the dance form that fits them best.

Students 5 years and older choose from a wide variety of dance classes that include Pre Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Tap. Students 6 years and older can enjoy the additional thrill of our competition classes and Beginner thru Pre-Professional Ballet.

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Watch ‘em dance. In glorious HD.

Conveniently located in the center of Cherry Hill and built from the ground up our newest facility opened in August 2012. Dance Arts Cherry Hill features brand new state-of-the-art studios and waiting areas with HD video feeds and free wi-fi. 

2017-18 Registration Kit

Our 2017-18 Registration kit contains registration forms and dates, prices, policies, dress codes, and the school calendar.

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